Family Dentistry

Melbourne Family Dentist, Theodore G. Schropp, DDS offers Dentistry for all Ages

Family dentistry performs a core role in the health and well-being of your loved ones. Building a history of trust with your family dentist makes maintaining oral health easier – the dentist becomes familiar with the patient’s needs and helps them anticipate any potential problems, based on their family history.

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As a family dentist, the practice of Theodore G. Schropp believes it is essential to educate children and their parents to the benefits of regular checkups and the importance of home-care for teeth and gums. Dr. Schropp understands the dental challenges that affect children as they grow. Dr. Schropp and his experienced staff work with parents to anticipate any problems as they see them developing. The practice is also dedicated to serving our younger patients, beginning at age 4, with a compassionate and kind approach – we want children to have the best experience possible and rid any fears or phobias.

Family and Cosmetic Dentistry for all Ages

Family dentistry provides dental care for people of all ages. This means patients receive comprehensive care beginning with baby teeth, during the transitional period to a complete set of adult teeth, and through adulthood concerning restorations and replacements. With Theodore G. Schropp, there is no need to see one dental care provider for cleanings and to another for gum disease treatments, dentures or dental implant restorations. Dr. Schropp is dedicated to providing complete care for all of his Melbourne patients. A good family dentist will build a relationship with patients based on quality, honest care. Dr. Schropp will listen, examine, diagnose, and discuss solutions based on need rather than upsell potential.

There is a great need for family dentistry and patient self-care in today’s society. In fact, millions of school hours are lost each year to dental-related conditions. Family dentists offer regular cleanings, fluoride treatments, cavity and gum disease treatments and so much more:

- Preventative care and early detection based on patient family health history
- Open line of communication between patient and dentist is based on a trusting relationship
- General and cosmetic dental solutions to protect the function and aesthetics of a beautiful smile
- Education for patients of all ages to maintain the best oral health
- Convenience is important for busy families when scheduling appointments at one office location

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If it’s time for your child’s first visit to the dentist, or for a return checkup and cleaning, contact the staff of Theodore G. Schropp, DDS at the Melbourne office today. We are happy to help your child grow through a lifetime of dental health! Schedule an appointment online or by contacting our office directly.